Lent Groups 2024

N.B. Ash Wednesday is February 14th

This year we’re exploring the 5 senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell) and seeing how they appear in various Bible accounts. We will also be exploring how the loss of one or more of those senses affect people, and how we as churches can help.

Which (different?) group will you join this year?

Who will you encourage to go with you?

It’s a great opportunity to share with Christians across the denominations

Please contact the relevant leader to check availability as some groups fill up fast!

MONDAYS at 10.15am starting February 19th at St Thomas’ Church.  Leader: Sue Woan Tel 07710 869135 or sue.woan1@gmail.com  (max 15)

TUESDAYS at 2.30pm starting February 20th at St Thomas’ Church

Leader: Margaret Hawkins Tel 07899 948373 or 01843 840878 margaret.hawkins7@btinternet.com (max 15)
TUESDAYS at 7.30pm starting February 20th at 3 Lyell Court, Lyell Road. CT7 9JD Leaders John & Pat Griffiths 07496 438648 or Tel Host (Irene) 01843 842867 (max 8)

WEDNESDAYS at 2.30 pm starting Ash Wednesday 14th February at Birchington Baptist Church (Crescent Road – back room). Leader: Beryl Ebbs Tel. 07908 803802 or berylebbs@yahoo.com (max 15)

WEDNESDAYS at 2.30pm starting on N.B 21st February at St Thomas’ Church

Leader: Peter Russell Tel: 07432 859246 minnisbay@hotmail.com (max 15)

THURSDAYS at 10.30am starting on 15th February at 10 Dorset Gardens (max 15)

Leader: Paul Webster Host: Freda Slade Tel. 841056 fredaslade52@gmail.com

THURSDAYS at 7.30 pm starting 15th February 26 Alfred Rd CT7 9NJ

Leader: Rosemary Bridge Tel. 846427 rosemarybridge@live.co.uk (max 8)

FRIDAYS at 10.30 am starting 16th February at Birchington Methodist Church

Leader: tbc Contact: Revd David Frost revdfrost1@gmail.com or Tel. 07402 347968(max 12)

Any questions? Contact Sue Woan on 07710 869135 or sue.woan1@gmail.com

All information correct at this time. Additional groups may become available