Recycle to raise funds for All Saints Church, Birchington

Recycle to raise funds for All Saints Church, Birchington       September 2022

Pladis Biscuit & Cracker Wrapper Programme – ANY brand

Sweet biscuit wrappers   Cracker wrappers (any savoury cracker)

Cake wrappers (any plastic cake wrapper)


Air and Home Care Programme – ANY brand

Flexible washing capsules and pods packaging (E.g. Ariel etc)   Plastic air fresheners and its packaging

Flexible wipe packaging (for cleaning only)     Tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps


Garnier Personal Care & Beauty Products Programme ANY brand

Lids from shampoo and conditioner bottles   Complete dye kits including tubes, nozzles, tube caps, flexible sachets and gloves   Skin care packaging including plastic pots and lids, flexible tubes and lids, flexible face wipes packets   Sun protection and self-tan packaging

Body care including plastic caps and flexible tubes, lip balms, roll-on deodorants



Colgate Oral Care Programme – ANY brand

Toothpaste tubes and caps and toothbrushes

Toothbrush packaging, toothpaste cartons and electric or battery toothbrush heads


The Pringles Can Programme – Pringle pots only

Any size Pringle tubes


Aqua Optima Programme

Aqua Optima water filters only


RB Hygiene Home Programme – ANY brand

Any dishwasher tablet or salt bags, Stain remover powder bags, Fragrance plastic sleeves (eg Airwick)


The Warburtons Bakery Recycling Programme – ANY brand

Any brand of plastic bakery items – bread bags + eg tortilla bags, crumpets, garlic bread – list is very extensive


The Warburtons Wax Wrap Recycling Programme

Warburton wax bread wrappers only


The Spontex Disposable Gloves Programme – Any brand

Household disposable gloves made out of vinyl, latex. Nitrile or polyethylene


The Confectionery Programme – Any brand

Sweet pouches and bags & chocolate bar wrappers


The Kinder Programme

Any Kinder packaging- including the rigid plastic pods



The Ferrero Rocher Pralines Programme

Plastic boxes, gold trays and aluminium wrappers


The Hasbro toys and games Programme

All Hasbro from NERF, Play-Doh pots, Monopoly, My Little Pony, Transformers & Connect 4 ETC


The Cheese Packaging Programme – ANY brand

Flexible plastic cheese pouches, individual plastic cheese wrappers & sliced cheese protective film


The Babybel Programme

Net bags, labels, wrappers and wax


Marigold Gloves programme

Any Marigold gloves and plastic packaging


The Good Refill Pouch Programme

Shampoo refill pouches for Head & Shoulders, AUSSIE, Herbal Essences and PANTENNE


Taylors of Harrogate Programme

All Taylors of Harrogate pouches and individual coffee bag sachets



The Food Storage Container and Reusable Bottle Programme – Any brand NEW

All brands of rigid plastic storage containers & reusable plastic water bottle and caps


Ink Cartridges  &  Used postage stamps

Finally – any plastic milk bottle lidsNO other lids acceptable for this collection