Recycle to raise funds for All Saints Church, Birchington
Pladis Biscuit & Cracker Wrapper Brigade – ANY brand
Sweet biscuit wrappers
Cracker wrappers (any savoury cracker)
Cake wrappers (any plastic cake wrapper)
Air and Home Care Brigade – ANY brand
Plastic trigger heads and pumps from cleaning products
Plastic air fresheners and its packaging
Flexible wipe packaging (for cleaning only)
Plastic lid from washing up bottles. (NO liquid soap dispensers – thank you)
Ella’s Kitchen Brigade
ANY brand Baby food pouches and their caps
Ella’s Kitchen snack wrappers and porridge pouches
Garnier Personal Care & Beauty Products Brigade – ANY brand
Lids from shampoo and conditioner bottles
Complete dye kits including tubes, nozzles, tube caps, flexible sachets and gloves
Skin care packaging including plastic pots and lids, flexible tubes and lids, flexible face wipes packets
Sun protection and self-tan packaging
Body care including plastic caps and flexible tubes, lip balms, roll-on deodorants
Colgate Oral Care Brigade – ANY brand
Toothpaste tubes and caps and toothbrushes
Toothbrush packaging, toothpaste cartons and electric or battery toothbrush heads
Walkers Crisps Brigade – ANY brand
Crisp packets
The Pet Food Brigade – ANY brand
Pet food/treat pouches
All dry pet food flexible plastic packaging
The Pringles Can Brigade
Any size Pringle tubes + plastic lid and seal
Aqua Optima Brigade
Aqua Optima water filters only
RB Hygiene Home Brigade
Finish dishwasher tablet bags, Vanish powder bags, Air Wick twin plastic sleeves
The Acuvue Contact Lens Brigade – ANY brand
Soft disposable lens + blister packaging they come in and top foil
The Bread Bag Brigade – ANY brand
Any bread packaging made of LDPE plastic (normal bread bags)
The Spontex Disposable Gloves Brigade – Any brand
Household disposable gloves made out of vinyl, latex. Nitrile or polyethylene

All of these items are sent to who melt the plastic down and remake them into watering cans, water butts, back packs, park benches and other items.

Finally – any plastic milk bottle lids – NO other lids acceptable for this collection
These go down to Portsmouth for recycling into various plastic toys

All of these items can be taken into Church House, Kent Gardens, Birchington CT7 9RS on a Monday to Friday between 9.30 – 12.30 or on a Sunday between 9.30 – 12.00.
There are boxes in the foyer to put your recycling in.
This is a ‘Win Win’ situation as this stops the rubbish going into landfill and also raises monies for us to run the church.

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