Service of Celebration & Remembrance

A special service of Celebration & Remembrance was held in All Saints Church to provide people who have been bereaved with an opportunity to remember the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

The service of prayers, readings and hymns led to a ceremony of lighting candles of remembrance as the names of those to be commemorated were read out. Those who had lost a loved one were invited to come forward and light a votive candle and place it in a special cross-shaped frame. Once the cross was full, the lights in the church were dimmed and prayers were offered. The Revd. Graham Colley gave a moving and uplifting address.

As the congregation left the church to go to Church House for refreshments, sprigs of Rosemary were given out as tokens of remembrance.

“A candle is a sign of our prayers and the offering of our lives in the service of Christ; of our prayers for others that they might be strengthened in their faith and love. It is a symbol of all those who through the ages have shone as lights in the darkness of the world and of their prayers for us. It is a witness that this is a place of prayer, a place where people have knelt in worship through the centuries. The flame reminds us that Jesus came to lighten the darkness and that by his resurrection he defeated the darkness of death. Lighting a candle symbolises our prayers for our loved ones and also serves to remind us of the strength of the tiny candle flame in diminishing darkness. Jesus light of the world, give us peace, renew our faith and bring healing to us all.” Amen

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