Update on church opening

25th June 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have had further guidance from Bishop Rose on 24th June.  The Diocese and the Church of England are still awaiting advice from the Government in terms of preparing to open our church buildings for public worship from 4 July.

We have been advised in the meantime by the Bishop against making formal preparations or completing our risk assessments until this guidance has been issued.   This is because the Diocese and the Church of England are not yet clear on what additional restrictions may be in place and what the requirements of ministers and volunteers may be.  Please be assured that I will keep you fully in the picture once advice has been issued.  However, the Standing Committee and I will continue to consider all options available at our weekly meetings.

The Bishop does not want us to feel rushed into making decisions locally before we have all the relevant information available.   Patience has also been advised by her.

Please note that St Thomas Church will be open this Saturday (27th June) from 10am to 12 noon for private prayer.  Arrangements have been made to ensure your safety.

I appreciate your continued patience.

With best wishes and prayers,



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